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Apple Redesiging The Lightning Cable? A Stronger & Fray-Resistant Cable

Broken insulation, frayed copper wires, and yellow discoloring of the cable's casing, such are the most commonly encountered faults with Apple's Lightning Cable – complained about in online support forums and comment sections. For many iPhone users, the quality of Apple's cables leaves much to be desired and they often find themselves turning to cheaper 3rd party cables after the tragic loss of their first Lightning Cable.

Majority Of Cables Affected By Quality Issues
Apple still hasn't released a statement about recent quality control issues with Lightning Cables shipped with recent iPhones and iPad. However, in-house in Cupertino, Apple's definitely been eagerly eyeing any possible solution. Recently, Apple has started shipping slightly thicker cables, but these can occasionally cause issues with other iPhone accessories such as docks.



Source: Apple

Strengthening With New Material
A new patent application from Apple provides evidence of the company's intent to fix issues with the cable once and for all. A now published protective address filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office last August by Apple carries the title "Cable with Variable Stiffness". The patent describes a cable reinforced in different sections – with portions of the cable closer to the connector being significantly "stiffer" than the mid-section of the cable, for example. Apple plans to accomplish this via the usage of different materials for the cable's insulation and their partial overlap.

Anti-Kink Sleeve Inside Cable
A positive described side-effect in Apple's cable patent application is the removal of the anti-kink sleeve, which will now be invisibly integrated into the cable's interior. In the letter, Apple names several possible arrangements of materials, that could be used in the cable's production. The patent also addresses desirable bending radii of the cable. It's not yet known when the new cable's production will start, or when it'll come time for it to accompany new products in shipping, but it's quite common for Apple to file patents prior to the release of a product.

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