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Apple Releases MagSafe Battery Pack For iPhone

Over the last few years, Apple has offered several accessories designed to extend the iPhone's battery life. However, those who don't want to have to run around constantly carrying an external battery pack can purchase a "Smart Battery Pack" directly from Cupertino – a phone case with an additional battery connectable to the device externally. The design of the "Smart Battery Pack" turned out to be not so smart at all, at least, according to the opinions of most Apple users. The "Hunchback of Notre Dame" to be found under the case's protective covering wasn't all that appealing, resulting in a serious degree of asymmetry – something normally considered a no-go in the Apple world. At the time, Apple claimed that there was a valid line of reasoning behind the case's design – if the battery were to have run all the way along the back of the iPhone, there would have been various issues mounting the case onto a device.

The New MagSafe Battery (Store Line: )
Almost nine months after the introduction of the iPhone 12 and it now has an additional external battery. A few things have changed with respect to the battery's design – given that it's a MagSafe battery, it no longer needs an entire case to attach safely to the device. Instead, the "external MagSafe battery" is attached plain and simple to the back of the iPhone via magnets. After having been attached, the MagSafe battery will begin to work as usual and charge the phone as a normal charging cord would. However, if connected to an external power cord, it will charge not only the iPhone – but also the external battery. "Reverse Charging" is finally in action, now.



Available for all models of the iPhone 12

According to a product photo of the device, its capacity is 1460mAH. For comparison: the iPhone 12 Pro Max's capacity is 3687mAH and the iPhone Pro's is 2815mAH. The iPhone is charged with 5 watts. This corresponds roughly to the speed of a small iPhone charger, which is no longer a part of the product purchase since the release of the iPhone 12. In terms of system requirements, Apple has noted that iOS 14.7 (which is about to release in a few days) is required. All iPhone 12es are supported, including the tiny iPhone mini and larger iPhone Pro Max.

Delivery Starts July 22nd
The price is listed at US$99. The Apple Online Store indicates that the device isn't currently available for pickup – meaning that the new product can only be ordered online. The current delivery prognosis for an order placed right now is July 22 - 26. Despite the iPhone 12's multiple color variants, the iPhone 12 compatible MagSafe battery pack only comes in white – meaning those with more colorful devices will have to deal with the mismatch.

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