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Apple Releases Touching "Celebrating Steve Jobs" Video

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, Apple not only included various large-format images on the homepage of Apple.com, but also a video. Many users reacted enthusiastically to the compilation, but regretted that there was no download option or other sources. Now that Apple's web presence once again welcomes users with products instead of Steve Jobs, the company has fulfilled a frequently expressed wish. From now on, "Celebrating Steve Job" is also available via the official YouTube channel - in resolutions of 1080p.

The very young Steve Jobs...
The film begins with a photo of young Steve Jobs, on which you can see an Apple I with keyboard and monitor. Also the well-known photos of Jobs in a pensive pose in front of two cube Macs as well as pictures of team meetings and Jobs in his NeXT office may not be missing at the very beginning of course. The slideshow is backed by a speech from 1994 - the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association had conducted an interview with him.

The introduction is followed by a short clip showing Jobs presenting the first Macintosh in January 1984. In the background you hear once again the statement to regard a computer as a "Bicycle for your mind" - it's well known that Jobs would have liked to use this linguistic image also directly as a product name and to call the computer "Bicycle".



... and his second time at Apple
For more than a decade, Apple famously had to do without Jobs since the mid-1980s, until he was seen again in an official capacity at MacWorld in 1997. The second part of the video is about the stages after Jobs' comeback: The first iMac, whose translucent case was a big novelty in 1998, as well as Jobs' abandonment of the "interim" in the job title - which meant that since 2000 he was now a permanent CEO and no longer just an temporary candidate. Every Apple fan is certainly well aware of the other cutouts, from the "bedside lamp iMac" to the first iPod (2001) to the iPhone (2007) as well as the iPad (2010). "Thank you very, very much for being part of this," are the closing words that Jobs once addressed to the keynote audience - and with which the "Celebrating Steve Jobs" video also ends.

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