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Apple Releases iOS 14.6, iPadOS 14.6, & More

On Monday, the latest updates for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 were released. As there's not much time left until this year's Worldwide Developers Conference – and given that iOS 15 is likely to be released in September, there shouldn't be too many more updates to 2020's iOS 14. The beta for iOS 14.6 only lasted a month and was thus relatively short in comparison to some of Apple's previous beta ventures. With the smaller beta time comes a smaller update – especially in comparison to the previous 14.5. Not just the iPhone and iPad got software updates in this latest round of Apple updates – the WatchOS, tvOS, and even macOS received software updates as well.

The Updates
  • For several years now, users have been left wondering when Apple will provide a lossless option for Apple Music. Well, it's finally on its way (albeit, only per streaming) at no extra cost– just as we reported in a previous article.
  • Those who would like to provide their AirTags with contact information can now use a telephone number instead of an email address.
  • Podcast subscriptions are now available and users can pay for exclusive content or to financially support podcast creators and receive early access to podcast episodes. Apple has also announced that they intend to make the platform more attractive for exclusive content.
  • In the USA, Apple Card users can now create family accounts. The Apple Card is still not available worldwide, with no official statement as to whether or not this might change soon.



There are also some small updates available for watchOS 7.5 and tvOS 14.6. Lossless streaming will also be supported by tvOS. Otherwise, there were no visible changes to either OS during the beta. The new OS updates can be downloaded and installed in the System Settings of the corresponding device – or in the case of watchOS, downloaded from the Watch app on iPhone.

New Beta Has Already Begun
The beta phase has already begun for the next series of updates. Last week, the most recent early-release dev versions of iOS 14.7 and macOS 11.5 were made available. The final release versions of these two updates will likely be available within the next two months and are likely going to be the last large updates before the arrivals of iOS 15 and macOS 12.

Update Notes

  • Users can now support channels and individual broadcasts via subscription.

"Find My iPhone" App & AirTags
  • Added the option to add an email address instead of a telephone number for AirTags and devices in lost mode on the "Find My iPhone" network.
  • AirTags will also show the owner's partially hidden phone number when tapped with an NFC device.

  • Voice Control users can now unlock their iPhone after a fresh start via their voice.

The following problems are also fixed in the new versions:
  • The "Unlock with Apple Watch" feature didn't work after locking an iPhone with the Apple Watch.
  • Reminders were sometimes shown as blank lines.
  • Extensions for blocked callers weren't displayed in the device's System Settings.
  • Bluetooth-Geräte wurden während eines Anrufs gelegentlich getrennt oder sendeten Audio an ein anderes Gerät.
  • Bluetooth devices would be disconnected during calls or audio would be sent to a different device.
  • iPhones suffered a performance hit during a fresh start in some cases.

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