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Apple Releases iOS 14.7 Final Version – macOS 11.5 Receives New Release Candidate

In the last one and a half months, Apple has released five betas and one release candidate and now the time has finally come for a final release. The seventh update for iOS 14 is now finally available. Operating systems for the Apple Watch, AppleTV, and HomePod have also received updates. macOS 11.5 hasn't yet made it onto the list, but the slightly larger updates often take a little bit of extra time. As those from the beta phase are likely already aware – most of these updates are rather small. Complete feature innovations are being saved for the next "major releases" such as iOS 15 – which should appear this fall. iOS 14.7 and watchOS 7.6 bring more maintenance and stability changes to the table than major changes to the OS or features. In addition, a large bug from iOS 14.6 has been fixed.

iOS 14.7 Released – iPadOS 14.7 Strangely Absent
The system update for supported iPhones doesn't have an extremely long changelog. In addition to support for the new MagSafe Battery Packs, Apple also mentions new family features for Apple Card users (in select countries). Air quality is now available through the weather app in more countries, along with individual bug fixes. The release notes in detail are as follows:

  • Support for the MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max
  • Apple Card: Family option added, credit lines can now be shared with family members
  • The Home app can now start timers on the HomePod
  • Air quality information is now available in Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Spain
  • Playlists in Apple Music can now be shared with other users
  • Bugs encountered with Dolby Atmos playback and Apple Music Lossless have been fixed
  • Service warnings for iPhone 11 batteries will now continue to be displayed after restarting the device
  • Fixed a small bug with mail integration for braille displays



watchOS 7.6, tvOS 14.7, & HomePodOS
There are even fewer changes for watchOS 7.6. The last major update already didn't receive as many features as the major yearly updates to macOS and iOS – and in the case of recent maintenance updates, there's even less going on. Most of the updates seem to contain mainly minor bug fixes. In several countries, the EKG feature has now been released – although it's been available in many of the main "consumer" countries for a while now. As usual, there's also been an update to HomePodOS in conjunction with the current update to iOS. Hopefully, the new version will bring an end to the recent overheating problem that has damaged some devices.

macOS 11.5's Second Release Candidate
macOS 11.5 may not be arriving today, as Apple has just released the operating system's release candidate. This means that it will likely arrive by tomorrow or at least the end of this week.

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