Friday, Feb 26, 2021, 15:17 Mac: Hardware

Apple Releases macOS 11.2.2 To Prevent Software Induced Hardware Defects

Although the beta-testing phase of macOS 11.3 is still ongoing, Apple has released another update for Big Sur users. The update is for 2019 MacBook Pro users and 2020 MacBook Air (and newer) users. For the MacBook Air, models affected are the 2020 Intel MacBook Air and the newer M1 MacBook Air. the new version should prevent damage to affected devices when connected to non-compliant third-party USB-C hubs or docks. There are no other fixes or changes noted in the release notes.

Which Accessories Are Behind The Problem Is Unknown
Anyone who uses a periphery of third-party accessories is advised to install the recent update. Apple hasn't specified what accessories or products are behind the issue. Likely to prevent any negative impact on the company's relationship with third-party accessory manufacturers. A quick look at forum discussions of the last few months will reveal isolated reports of defective USB ports. One reddit user reported that usage of a UtechSmart product led to him turning his 2019 MacBook Pro in for repair. Others report having observed excessive heat development – it's unknown whether or not macOS 11.2.2 corrects this. The new update can be downloaded and installed as normal through the System Settings.



macOS 11.3 Beta
The beta versions of macOS 11.3 and iOS 14.5 were also updated this week. It's safe to say that macOS 11.3 will adopt the 11.2.2 bugfix. macOS 11.3 is currently in the third beta version, the fourth should come out next week.

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