Monday, Apr 26, 2021, 19:33 Mac: Software

Apple Releases macOS 11.3

The third major update for macOS Big Sur has just been released. The beta phase of macOS 11.3 started in early February, followed by seven more beta versions. Apple thus took an above-average amount of time for the tests. The same applies to iOS 14.5, although the iPhone system received a more extensive update this time. However, Apple also tweaked several things in macOS 11.3. We summarize the most important improvements below:

  • Addressing two HomePods as a stereo pair
  • Display of the remaining warranty period
  • Auto Play in Apple Music when the end of a playlist is reached
  • Safari gets a privacy pane
  • Safari home screen more customizable
  • Configuration of keyboard shortcuts for iPad apps on Mac
  • Support for more game controllers
  • Support for AirTags via "Find my..."

  • Manual sorting of reminders in the Reminder app
  • Smarter charging management
  • Support for WebM audio/video format and Vorbis audio format
  • Podcast app reworked (Still without Podcast+)
  • "Web Speech-API" for integration of search via voice command
  • Hibernation/Deep Sleep also supported on M1 Macs (RAM content is written to SSD, so RAM no longer needs to be powered)



Download and installation
Download and install macOS 11.3 via the software update in the system preferences. The appropriate update package is automatically selected - depending on whether the user is switching from the previous version or has skipped updates.

macOS 11.4: First beta already released
Apple usually starts the next beta phase quite quickly after the release of a new system version. same this time: macOS 11.4 has been available for download since the end of last week, but it seems to be a minor update. At least, no major changes have been noticed so far.

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