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Apple Reveals Big iPadOS Update: iPadOS Now With Windows

Until 2019, when Apple introduced iPadOS in its "first" form, both iPhone and iPad shared the "iOS" operating system moniker and functioned more or less entirely the same. The relaunching of iOS on the iPad as iPadOS was partially an attempt at dodging some of the allegations that the iPad was simply no more than an iPhone XXL. The device's operating system (originally designed for the iPhone/iPod Touch) was also criticized for doing far too little to take full advantage of the unique iPad's larger display and Apple did eventually add a few features to the iPad more reminiscent of the standard computerized notebook, such as multi-tasking, for example. iPadOS 16 will be taking a step further in the direction of unlocking the tablet's full potential and, as was already reported prior to the WWDC, is set to receive a significant update.

Technologies For "Desktop-class Apps"
Apple has made changes across the iPad's entire system that should allow for more particular control and navigation of the device similar to that of modern notebooks. These changes were accomplished with a diverse set of small adjustments, along with a few larger and more significant changes. The update's primary intention of the update is providing developers with access to tools allowing for the creation of even more powerful apps. Additionally, the system now supports virtual memory ("Virtual Memory Swap") for the first time, although this new feature does require an M1-based iPad. This would allow apps to utilize 16 GBs of random-access memory (RAM) in some cases. Up until now, apps would simply find themselves automatically shut down as soon as they became too memory hungry.



Stage Manager – Windows System For iPad
Users have been able to run apps on the iPad in fullscreen since the product's first day on the market, and two apps side-by-side after the introduction of multi-tasking – however, iPadOS 16 takes things a massive step further. Stage Manager works almost exactly the same as on the Mac and allows users to quickly switch between various opened windows or instances of an application along with providing the user a general overview of all opened windows. This makes it possible to have multiple windows opened at the same time that can overlap or which are laid on top of one another. With this new feature, Apple increases the versatility and value of the system considerably as well as fulfilling its promise that the iPad is more than just an extra-large iPhone and that it is a system designed for productivity. That being said, there is still one limitation – currently, only 4 apps can be opened as windows at the same time.

Weather App
Apple is closing up a rather conspicuous hole with the arrival of previously lacking weather app on iPadOS. The app can be organized via a sort of widget system to customize individual weather reports. Additionally, Apple is also releasing the "WeatherKit" for iPadOS developers so that they can integrate features from the Weather app into third-party apps.

Free Form Now A New App
The new app is easiest describable as Whiteboard on the iPad. Ideal for brainstorming sessions, according to Apple – or even to jot down information during phone conversations. Of course, the Apple Pencil is also supported so that users can quickly take notes.

Just like iOS 16, iPadOS should be released this fall. Apple mentions that the new system requires a 5th generation iPad in either standard in both standard or mini variants, or a 3rd generation iPad Air, whereas all variations of the iPad Pro are completely supported. That being said, the non M1-based devices will still see quite a few limitations, as many of the most exciting changes discussed here or reliant on the new, in-house chip.

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