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Apple Secures Soccer Broadcasting Rights In US – Major League Soccer Exclusively Via Apple TV & Website In Future

Apple just secured itself worldwide broadcasting rights for MLS (Major League Soccer). All of the US soccer league's future games will be exclusive to Apple TV come 2023, according to Cupertino. After Apple already began broadcasting individual Major League Baseball games under "Friday Night Baseball" on its streaming service, it appears as if US-soccer games are next in line for the company's sports portfolio. Cupertino has held the rights for some time now and a standard Apple TV+ subscription will not be enough to view all of the games.

10 Year Broadcasting Rights For MLS
Those interested in Major League Soccer games and hoping to watch via TV or other device will now need an Apple TV subscription. From 2023 to 2032, games from the US-American professional league will be exclusively offered by Apple's streaming service – for almost 10 years. The rather long contract period reveals Apple's ambitions as a sports-broadcasting platform.



"A Historic First For Sports"
Apple refers to the deal as a "historic first for sports" enabling fans to "stream every single MLS match through the Apple TV app, without any local blackouts or restrictions". This includes the league's cup as well as individual MLS Next Pro and MLS Next games. There will be options for commentary in both Spanish and English – as well as in French for games with Canadian teams participating. There will also be weekly live shows with highlights, analyses, and behind the scenes content for each club.

Worldwide Availability
There are no regional limitations or blocks. All MLS events will be equally available worldwide with only one requirement – an end device with Apple TV. This obviously includes the company's own products, iPhone and Co., as well as most smart TVs and streaming gadgets such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV. Alternatively, the events are also streamable via web browser.

New Subscription Requirements – "TV+" Subscription Not Sufficient
MLS games will be available via an additional paid-subscription within the Apple TV streaming service. The company will provide standard Apple TV+ customers with a wide range of MLS games within the realm of their current subscription. There will be, however, a small minority of games that are viewable for completely for free. Those who wish to watch all games will need a new MLS subscription – the standard Apple TV+ subscription is only enough to view select games not already available to stream for free.

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