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Apple Sells More HomePods Than Ever Before – Google Overthrow's Amazon's Smartspeaker Throne

The smart speaker market has seen a lot of attention of late – and Apple is a big part of it. In the second quarter of 2021, the Californian company sold more HomePods than ever before in 3 months. With respect to Apple's share of the smart speaker market, Cupertino has closed the distance to Google and Amazon significantly. This is even more interesting considering that the overall sales rate of the smart speaker market witnessed a large decrease in sales.

Apple Sells Almost 2.5 Million HomePods
According to an analysis from the market researcher company Omidia, Apple has sold 2.46 million units of the now discontinued HomePod and the recently released, compact HomePod mini. Within the same time frame last year, 878,000 customers between Los Angeles and New York purchased a smart speaker from Cupertino. Thus, Apple has almost tripled its sales figures and the company's share in the smart speaker market has increased from 10.2% in the second quarter of 2020 to 24.6%. According to Omidia, this success is mostly thanks to the HomePod mini – however, the announcement of the standard HomePod's discontinuation led to a number of hardcore Apple fans purchasing the remaining stock.



Market Researchers: Apple Needs More Smart Speakers
Apple's recent growth in the smart speaker market is considerably stronger than the company's growth in the overall market or other areas of the market. In The United States, from April to June 2021, about 10 million smart speakers were sold – a good 16% more than in the previous year. As almost 60% of all households in The United States now own a smart speaker, numbers won't increase as drastically in future years according to Omidia. According to market researchers, Apple needs to release more smart speakers in order to keep up with the rest of the smart speaker market. Perhaps a portable, battery-driven speaker or a HomePod with a display. According to reports, Apple is already developing a combination of an Apple TV and a "smart display" with FaceTime.

Amazon Loses Top Dog Position to Google
Recent lower growth rates in the overall smart speaker market are largely due to a drop in Amazons' smart speaker sales. Up until now, Amazon has been the king of the smart speaker market – however, the company only sold 3.364 million Alexa devices in the second quarter of 2021. One year ago, that number was 4.895 million. Alexa sales from third parties are also included in these numbers. In contrast, Google sold 4.177 million smart speakers (from April to June 2020 – 2.826 million) and managed to take over 41.8% of the market, overthrowing the former smart speaker king – Amazon, which now holds only a 33.6% share of the market. In the second quarter of last year, the company had what looked to be an invincible 57% share in the market

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