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Apple Separates Itself From Top Manager After Film Quote – "I Fondle Big Breasted Women"

Not all of the managers from Apple's top squad are known for their Keynotes or other such pubic appearances – one example of which being Tony Blevins, known for his title as (former) "Vice President of Procurement". The Wall Street Journal once released a profile of the manager, with his name juxtapositioned with other big names at Apple – "Jobs, Cook, Ive – Blevins?". Despite his lack of public appearances, Blevins played an almost equally important in many of the company's operations. He was so well-known within Apple that he even received the nickname "The Blevinator" – signifying his aggressive tactics as a negotioator with no scruples concerning the means or ways in which a goal might be achieved.

His duties at Apple are simply summarized: As the head of procurement, he was to offer suppliers and partners the lowest possible price. He was apparently so successful at this, that Apple's purchase price has normally laid far below the market average – in one set of negotiations with Intel, he is said to have negotiated Intel to mark down the same price it had charged all others for its modem chips by 50%. He even personally handled the modalities for the construction of the Apple Park, as well as being one of the starters behind the Apple supplier uprising against Qualcomm in 2020.



The End Of A Career In Two Sentences
Despite his esteemed position within the company, Blevins' career at Apple has come to a rather quick end. The trigger was a short TikTok, where Blevins can be seen in a Mercedes SLR McLaren. The half a million price tag of his car wasn't the problem though, it was his answer to the question, "How do you make a living?" To which Blevins responded by saying, "I have rich cars, play golf, and fondle big breasted women. But I take weekends and major holidays off." Blevins also commented on the excellent care provided to him by his dental insurance.

A TikTok video ended Blevins' more than 20 year career at Apple.

Apple Confirms The Split
Per Bloomberg, Apple initiated an internal investigation and removed Blevins from the head of his former team with multiple hundred employees. The company also officially confirmed that the manager would be leaving Apple. Although Apple failed to mention any specific reasons, the take in the video speaks volumes. Blevins has expressed his sincere apologies to anyone hurt by his failed attempt at humor.

The quote comes from the 1981 film "Arthur", with a slight modification. In the film, the main character says almost exactly the same thing – apart from the chosen sport and Blevins' addition of "big breasted" to "women" ("I race cars, play tennis, fondle women, but I have weekends off and I am my own boss."

COO Williams To Fill Post Temporarily
For Blevins, the negotiations with Globalstar for the iPhone 14's satellite SOS features were his last big project. Until his position can be filled again, COO Jeff Williams will take over Blevins' former tasks. Thus far, Apple has refrained from mentioning any further details, or how long it will take until a successor to the vacant "Vice President of Procurement" position can be found.

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