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Apple To No Longer Repair Lost iPhones – Tracking Via IMEI Database

Those in need of help for a defective iPhone can query the Apple Store or an Apple-authorized service partner. It's relatively rare for either of the aforementioned parties to be unable to repair a device – this is normally only the case with discontinued products. In these cases, there's simply no more support for the hardware. In preparation for a repair, customers have to deactivate the search function for their iPhone in "Find My". This is to ensure that Apple isn't inadvertently repairing any stolen devices. Now, the company is providing another security measure during intake of defective iPhones.

Apple Checking GSMA's IMEI Database
The International Mobile Station Equipment Entity (IMEI) is a 15 digit serial number used to identify any mobile telephone. Devices with dual SIM card functions possess two different IMEI numbers. Users can use the IMEI to indicate that a theft or loss has occurred, at which point the device is entered into the GSMA Device Registry as stolen or misplaced. Now, iPhone repair technicians will be required to check this database before performing repairs on an iPhone for a customer. An internal memo describing the new measure has been made available by MacRumors. If the device appears in the GMSA, Apple or the certified repair shop will refuse to service the device. This is an attempt to make the theft of iPhones appear less attractive by making it more difficult to correct damage to stolen or mispurposed iPhones.



"Find My" Enables Activation Lock
The new guidelines will mostly affect iPhones that are yet to have been entered into the "Find My" network. iPhone users who have locked a lost or stolen iPhone via the "Find My" network will need to unlock the device before any repairs or service can be performed on the device – meaning Apple ID and password. Should the user no longer have access to the necessary information to unlock the device, then normally the only thing that would help at this point would be some sort of proof of purchase. During the trade of devices, users receiving or purchasing a used device should make sure that it has been removed from the previous owner's "Find My" network. More information is available from Apple on this website.

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