Friday, Mar 25, 2022, 16:00 iOS: Hardware

Apple To Offer Hardware Via Subscription In The Future?

Currently, Apple sells most of its hardware via cash payment or financing – there aren't many leasing options on the market for Apple products. For a while now, however, Apple has been concentrating on on subscriptions for software and other services. Now, it appears as if the company is planning to expand this business model into the hardware realm. The acclaimed news magazine, Bloomberg, is now reporting that Apple plans to offer hardware via a subscription service.

According to Bloomberg, the iPhone will be the first device to pilot the new hardware leasing service. In the future, customers should be able to rent iPhones via subscription in addition to paying via traditional methods or financing. The process is expected to rely heavily upon software and subscription services, making it as easy as possible for customers to rent iPhones for a limited period of time. Whenever Cupertino then releases a new iPhone, existing customers of the service will be able to swap out their current smartphone for the newest model.



Lots Of Missing Details
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as if Bloomberg knows all too many details about the upcoming service – for example, the price model, contract periods, and rates are completely unknown. It's possible that Apple will offer various contract lengths such as 3, 6, and 12 month contracts – although a month to month contract plan unlikely and customers would likely be unable to cancel before the end of their contract. It's also not yet known when Apple will actually begin to offer this service. An introduction of the service this coming fall alongside the iPhone 14 could be one possibility. Unfortunately, Bloomberg did not mention the potential differences between the service in question and the current "iPhone Upgrade Program".

Macs & iPads As Well?
At the moment, Bloomberg has only mentioned the iPhone. However, such a program could also make a great deal of sense for the Mac and iPad. Assuming that the new model is a success, Apple is likely to expand the service to other hardware products as well.

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