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Apple Watch 3 Updates Issues: Major Problems, But Still Apple Doesn't Remove It From Sale

The Apple Watch Series 3 was released almost four years ago, but Apple is still actively marketing the smartwatch. As an "entry-level" model, it is available at low prices on the Californian company's online store. Users will become aware of how much the wrist computer, which was introduced in 2017, has aged at the latest when a major update is due.

Insufficient memory prevents updates.
In many cases, the update fails. The reason for this is the meager memory configuration of the Apple Watch 3 without a cellular connection: The wrist computer only has eight gigabytes, and about half of it is also occupied by watchOS and the apps it contains. In recent months, users have complained in Apple's support forums and elsewhere, that their smart watches refuse to install updates. Most recently, it was no longer sufficient to uninstall some apps. The only remedy was usually to reset the Apple Watch - an annoying and time-consuming process.

iOS 14.6 recommends a radical "solution" .
Apple is now aware of the problem and the company has reacted. However, the radical "solution" that they came up with in Cupertino is likely to satisfy very few users. Before an update of the Apple Watch Series 3, iOS 14.6 recommends with a pop-up to disconnect the wrist computer from the iPhone and then restore it from the automatically created backup. This was discovered by a Twitter user named Nicolas Lehmann, who published a corresponding screenshot. Until now, the only message that appeared in such cases was to remove apps from the Apple Watch in order to free up the storage capacity required for the update.



Pop-up unlikely to appease resentment
It is doubtful that Apple will be able to calm the resentment that has arisen in forums and comment columns with this action. Many users of an Apple Watch Series 3, especially if they have just purchased the watch, will probably feel like they have been cheated. After all, the modified pop-up with the reset recommendation clearly indicates one thing: Apple does not want to solve the problem with a different update strategy and significantly smaller updates. The fact that the iPhone company is still actively marketing the Apple Watch Series 3, which is so out of date, could be seen as an impertinence by many owners of the wrist unit.

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