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Apple Watch 7: Renderings Show Off Potential New Design

Countless reports concerning the upcoming 7th generation Apple Watch's design and features have circulated for weeks now. It's almost certain that Apple will announce a new generation of the world's most successful smartwatch come September. Different from the current generation's release, there should be a plethora of innovations to the product and a visible difference between the 7th and 6th generations of the watch. Apple plans to rely on the same design language which iPhone 12 and iPad Pro owners are familiar with – meaning that flattened sides are coming to the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 7 – Renderings
New renderings of the Apple Watch show what to expect. As per Phone Arena, the new motto is "flat everything" – and there are "flat design" changes queued for the Mac as well. Whether or not the digital crown is going to get a red circle (like in the images below) remains to be seen, however, the renderings do portray the housing's "flattened" design quite well:



Design Changes Thus Far
A quick look at the Apple Watch's product history reveals that the design change proposed in these renderings would be the biggest change since the start of sales for the first generation. After the first generation began sales in the spring of 2015, the display size was increased with series 4 – however, any other adaptations were minimal and it was still difficult to notice generational differences visually. As per the next set of images below this paragraph, designs will be back in harmony come September, in contrast with the last few years.

Larger Display?
The display size is also expected to increase from 40 and 44 millimeters to 41 and 45 millimeters. In 2015, those dimensions were 38 and 42 millimeters. Although the increase in size seems insignificat – in practice, it actually means significantly more usable surface. Meanwhile, the Apple world is still waiting for an invitation to the September event. The most likely date seems to be the 14th of September, with new products being available for pre-order on the 17th.

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