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Apple Watch Series 7: Apple Announces Sale Date

Three weeks after Apple's "California Streaming" event (during which the next-gen Cupertino smartwatch was revealed), Apple has finally announced a date for the start of sales. Coming "later this fall" has now changed to "October 8th" at "8 AM ET" – for preorders, at least. Deliveries will begin one week after. However, several reports have indicated that long delivery times are likely to be expected. Although this is normally the case with new Apple releases, there's concern that Apple may have encountered some production problems – perhaps one of the reasons why it's taken such a long time since the product's announcement until the start of sales.

There was some suspicion that the current Series 7 was Apple's "backup plan" (as we mentioned in the "Apple Watch" section of our California Streaming analysis) for what was originally intended to be a very different Apple Watch, the complicated design of which could have indefinitely delayed the redesigned watch's launch – forcing Apple to come up with a more familiar solution in the meantime.

What's New With The Series 7?
Some of the series 7's most important new features are immediately apparent – take for example the almost 20% increase in display size. The weight has also increased by almost 10% in the case of the stainless steel variant. Apple also promises 33% faster charging with the battery lifespan still remaining unchanged. Otherwise, very little has changed with regards to the smartwatch's interior. In comparison to the S5 chip, the "new" S7 chip offers the same performance increase as the previous generation's S6 chip and it doesn't come with any additional sensors. Just as before, there are 32GB of space.



Variations Of The New Apple Watch
Customers have the choice between stainless steel and aluminum or titanium housing – although there's no dedicated Apple Watch "Edition" for the current series. However, there is the more expensive "Hermès" variant with modern armbands (also dubbed the "Nike Apple Watch") intended for athletes. There are also several older variants of the Apple Watch still available such as the Series 3 (released in September 2017) and the Apple Watch SE (from 2020's lineup). The Apple Watch Series 6 is also still available, however, it's not likely to continue sales past Friday.

  • Apple Watch Series 7: Starting at US$399
  • Apple Watch SE: Starting at US$279
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Starting at US$199

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