Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021, 10:07 Apple Watch

Apple Watch "Series 7" – The Smartwatch's Next Generation

It has been almost exactly 7 years since Tim Cook showed off the first Apple Watch on stage. At the time, the rumor mill referred to the smartwatch as the aptly-named "iWatch", and this was even Apple's intended name for the product – Cook himself even referred to the device as such during its first-ever presentation. Apple's popular smartwatch was a topic at this year's "California Streaming" event yesterday and sales of the Apple Watch Series 7 will start very soon.

The Apple Watch "Series 7" – The Design
Most leakers, analysts, and outlets were convinced that the next-gen Apple Watch would adopt the same design language as the iPhone 12 with angular edges. However, we were all sorely wrong and although there are some changes to the smartwatch's design, they are not as significant as expected. The corners are slightly more round and the edges have shrunk a little. However, the rumor mill was right about one thing – the new display dimensions. The available display space has increased by 20%. Apple stressed that it had adapted the user interface in order to take advantage of the device's new dimensions. More than anything else, the display keyboard ("full-size keyboard") has increased in size and there are several new watch faces available for users to select.



Faster Charging
The Apple Watch Series 7 should be much more stable, and another improvement is 33% faster charging than with the Apple Watch Series 6. With just 8 minutes of charging time, the smartwatch can track 8 hours of sleep. Meanwhile, the battery time remains unchanged and the watch possesses the same 18-hour battery life – just like the first-generation Apple Watch 7 years ago. Unfortunately, the Series 7 isn't equipped with any new sensors – many had hoped for a way to measure blood pressure via the watch.

Pricing & Availability
The prices begin at US$399, the same as before. For whatever incomprehensible reason, the Apple Watch Series 3 remains in the lineup. Apple's likely already received some criticism for this, given that the Series 3 was recently barely able to cope with system updates. The Apple Watch SE is also still available. Apple hasn't mentioned a concrete date as to when the sales of the new Apple Watch might begin. However, the word at the California Streaming event was "this fall".

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