Thursday, Sep 02, 2021, 14:07 Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 7's New Features & Design Could Delay Launch

For years up until now, different generations of the Apple Watch have all had the same design – which isn't necessarily a bad thing. For one, others are immediately able to tell when someone is wearing an Apple Watch (as opposed to a smartwatch from a competitor) thanks to the design's uniformity over the years. Now, Cupertino has decided to finally change things up a little and is adapting the Apple Watch series 7's design to be more in line with that of the current iPhone/iPad (flat edges, and a more "aggressive", "professional" looking shape as opposed to the older flying saucer like iPad-based design with curved edges and base). Basically, the Apple Watch Series 7 will have sharper edges and be available in two different sizes. According to two current reports, however, the design changes could cause some issues and potentially seriously threaten the company's planned release date for the product.

Manufacturers Voice Quality Control Concerns
As per Nikkei Asia, manufacturers with started small batch production last week – only to encounter difficulties. Several individuals were cited as stating that the product's quality was not satisfactory. 3 sources even referred to the product's quality as disappointing and point to the complexity of the smartwatch's new design as the cause. The design is significantly different from that of the previous generation and is currently causing problems with assembly of electronic modules, displays, and other components.



Apple Watch Series 7 With Blood Preasure Measurement?
According to Nikkei Asia, contract manufactures have "called off production indefinitely", another reason for which could be the inclusion of a new feature: it's possible that the coming generation could be able to measure its wearer's blood pressure without any external device. The corresponding patent for which was registered just last year by Apple. If the feature is implemented, then the series 7 will need to be even more water resistant than previous series – leading to more challenges for the production teams. An article from Bloomberg has also delved into the issue and claims to have received information from a reliable source pointing to a delayed launch date for the product.

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