Friday, Sep 23, 2022, 10:39 Hardware

Apple Watch Ultra – The Action Button Explained In Detail

In the last few leaks prior to Apple's recent event, several renderings of leaked schematics revealed the addition of an extra button to the Apple Watch Ultra. This is indeed exactly what it came to and there is now an official confirmation for the presence of a new "Action Button" on the device. The button is quite a versatile instrument, the eye-catching orange button enables the user to call upon many of the smartwatch's different functions. Some test reports concerning the most heavy-duty model of the Apple Watch even details the new operating possibilities enabled by the button, as well as illustrating the instructions concerning the Action Button's configuration.

Controlled Via The Watch App
The Watch app for iPhone is necessary to configure the new feature. When the Apple Watch Ultra is then coupled to the iPhone, a new entry, "Action Button", will become visible within the app. The entry contains further settings. However, the new button can do much more than simply starting individual apps, primary and secondary actions are also available for customization. For example, one single click can start an app, whereas two quick clicks in succession can lead to another reaction. When combined with the shortcuts app on the iPhone, a number of very flexible usages are possible. Depending on the specified parameters, even sequences of operating steps are configurable.



Start Apps, Place Emergency Alarms
Those hoping to simplify their lives can store several actions for system side apps such as the Fitness app, the stop watch within the Clock app, or the new Pathfinder function for when a user has become lost. The Action Button is even set to support third party apps eventually, so that users won't need to rely solely on Apple's offers. Apple has already implemented one emergency feature – holding the button for longer than one second will start a loud siren intended to indicate the wearer's emergency situation and to provide emergency services with a queue for the wearer's location.

Action Button Exclusive To The Apple Watch Ultra
Thanks to the button's versatility and the diverse new usages and operating possibilities that it represents, many Apple users have illustrated their wish for Cupertino to eventually implement the button in future models of the basic Apple Watch. The Series 8's instrumentation remains the same as the previous generation's, with the crown and side buttons on the right side, with nothing present on the left side but the housing's aluminum or stainless steel casing.

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