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Apple's 2023 – Which Devices Are Least Likely To See A Successor This Year

Now that yet another New Year has begun, Apple is likely to treat us with some hardware upgrades: The MacBook Pro 14" and 16" await an upgrade reasonably soon, with the M2 Pro and M2 Max, whilst the Mac Pro remains available with only an Intel chip – despite Apple's previously announced, ambitious plan to finish its transition to ARM architecture within two years. Unfortunately for some iPads, iPhones, and possibly even the company's first "mixed-reality" headset, some devices this year are likely to receive a little bit less attention: The following report details which devices likely won't see a successor until 2024 – at the earliest.

Next-Gen iPad Pro With Considerable Novelty
After the release of the groundbreaking iPad Pro M1, the iPad Pro M2 evoked a little less excitement and a bit more disillusion for the almost "unnecessary" product: Potential purchasers were hoping for a repositioning of the TrueDepth camera module on the tablet's long side. As we reported earlier this week, the upcoming model series could see some serious changes: Current reports project that Apple will equip the seventh generation of the iPad Pro with an even larger display and OLED – but not until 2024. Industry insiders are also anticipating the release of an iPad Pro 14.1" – however, the device should no longer be on Apple's release to-do-list this year.



iPhone SE 4 Likely To Require A Wait
It's almost unimaginable that Apple would delay a successor for the iPhone's flagship model for more than one year. The devices are simply Cupertino's cash cows. However, this is a different matter altogether when it comes to the iPhone SE: The first generation of the special series was hardly even successful at all – whereas later series have encountered a disproportionately larger demand. According to market expert Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple won't upgrade the iPhone SE either this year or next year. Indeed, the smartphone market seems slightly oversaturated at the moment, with the iPhone premium segment achieving the most growth.

MacBook Air 13", Apple TV, AirPods Pro: Next-Gen Unlikely Before 2024
Predictions for the MacBook Air 13" are a little bit more difficult: The current model of the popular notebook received several changes, with a new 15" variant possibly arriving this year – according to the reliable leaker, Mark Gurman. The Apple TV gets only irregular updates – and given the just recently occurred release of the set-top box's seventh generation, an upgrade for the product this year is rather unlikely. For the AirPods, however, the outlook is a little different. The AirPods Max are now more than two years old and could do with an upgrade. The AirPods Pro, on the other hand: The device's second generation is only a few months old – but a new series with a USB-C case connection could arrive by 2024 at the earliest.

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