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Apple's Head of Hardware Resigns – Dan Riccio Hands Over The Reins

When the Apple hardware veteran Bob Mansfield announced his departure from the company 9 years ago, Dan Riccio was the next-in-line to take his place. Even after Mansfield's return, Dan Riccio retained his new position. In a new press release, Apple declared yet another change of leadership, and Dan Riccio will no longer be "Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering". According to the press release, he is being reassigned "to a new role focusing on a new project", where he will continue reporting directly to Tim Cook himself. Apple didn't provide any specifics as to the "focus" of this "new project". Riccio's former position will be filled by John Ternus, another longstanding executive within Apple's hardware division.

Dan Riccio
Riccio's career at Apple began in 1998 with his first placement at the company in the design team. Fast forward 12 years, and he had already become "Vice President of iPad Hardware Engineering", – and 2012, just 2 years later, saw his promotion to Senior VP of the entire Hardware Engineering division at Apple. His former position makes him one of the most important figures in the company behind products such as the iPad, AppleWatch, AirPods, and the newly released M1 Macs. Riccio had the following to say about his reassignment, "After 23 years of leading our Product Design or Hardware Engineering teams — culminating with our biggest and most ambitious product year ever — it’s the right time for a change. Next up, I’m looking forward to doing what I love most — focusing all my time and energy at Apple on creating something new and wonderful that I couldn’t be more excited about." What is meant by "creating something new and wonderful" is still up for speculation – with predictions ranging from AR Hardware, a switch to the AppleCar team, or work on an entirely new category of products. Whether or not Riccio will be heading his new assignment remains to be seen. In the past, Apple has used cliché statements – such as those present in their recent press release, during the reassignment of employees. However, it's rare for a well-known employee to leave the company entirely.

The Former and New Head of Hardware



John Ternus
John Ternus joined Apple 20 years ago and like Dan Riccio, found his start at the company in product design. His career path led him directly to hardware development, where been VP since 2013. Despite his high-standing within the company, only little is known about Ternus. He apparently received his Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and was the head of development for the iPhone 12. Apple's leadership site still has no profile for John Ternus.

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