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Apple's Quarterly Report: A Sensational 21 Billion US$ In Profit – 81.34 Billion US$ In Sales

There have already been several indications that Apple has had an outstanding quarter. Yes, there've been many such descriptions over the past 15 years – however, rarely for the second quarter ranging from April to June. The most profitable months for Apple in terms of sales are normally September to February – after which the curve begins to even out again. The iPhone is normally behind the sharp spike in sales, arriving on the market every fall and followed by a rush of customers. This year, however, Apple was met with a high level of demand in the second quarter and the normal decline in sales has been absent. Over the course of the year, Cupertino's numbers have grown incredibly – leaving even long-term Apple followers surprised.

The Numbers In Detail
Apple has been boasting to the press of the most successful second quarter in the company's entire history. According to Apple's quarterly cycle, it's actually concerning the third quarter, with the following figures (last year's numbers are in parentheses):



  • Sales: 81.43 Billion US$ (vs. 59.6 Billion)
  • Profit: 21.7 Billion US$ (vs. 11.2 Billion)

iPhone: 39.6 Billion US$ (vs. 26 Billion)
Mac: 8.2 Billion US$ (vs. 7 Billion)
iPad: 7.36 Billion US$ (vs. 6.6 Billion)
Dienste: 17.5 Billion US$ (vs. 13.1 Billion)
Zubehör: 8.7 Billion US$ (vs. 6.4 Billion)

Good Numbers Across The Board
Once again, we've had a quarter where Apple has performed considerably well in all regards. Although the iPhone does indeed remain at the head of sales, the company's performance in other areas is also quite impressive. During the aforementioned time period, Apple also released the iMac M1 and iPad Pro M1, otherwise, it was a rather quiet quarter in terms of releases – as usual. Exact sales numbers are unknown, as for quite some time now, Apple has refrained from documenting anything but sales sums. Additionally, there's still no outlook for the coming year yet – however, this has become custom at Apple. For multiple quarters now, the company has refrained from answering questions concerning future quarters.

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