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Apple's Unbelievable Quarterly Results: Best Mac Quarter Ever

The first three months of the year are the second quarter in Apple's counting, because the fiscal year starts on October 1st. Normally, this is a somewhat more difficult phase, because the Christmas business is over and new products are not available until March at the earliest. Q2/2021, on the other hand, makes history once again, because although there were no updates from Apple, the company amazes the industry with sensationally high figures. Wall Street had expected an increase in revenue by 30 to 35 percent - the actual figure is well over 50 percent. Once again, it is simply unbelievable how Apple can continue to grow. Apple reports its quarterly profit at $23 billion. A year ago, Apple's revenue was $58 billion, but now it's $89.6 billion. The particularly high growth rates are also due to the fact that Q2/2020 was comparatively weak.

Sales broken down by business unit
Apple hasn't given exact sales figures for quite a while now, but it does give the revenues of the individual divisions. The development since 2019 looks as follows, the values are given in billions of dollars, each from the second financial quarter:

2021 2020 2019
Mac 9.1 5.35 5.5
iPhone 47.9 29 31
iPad 7.8 4.4 4.9
Services 16.9 13.35 11.45
Other 7.8 6.3 5.1

Revenue by division

Once again, it can be seen that Apple can rely on steady growth of the services division. At the same time, however, the Mac also increased very significantly to the best figure in product history to date - on the one hand due to higher demand because of home office and home schooling, but also because of the new M1 devices. Tablets are also one of the device categories that have been in greater demand for almost a year. Broken down by geographic region, Apple also grew everywhere, with particularly strong growth in China and the US.



No forecast
For a year now, Apple has not issued a forecast for the current quarter - this will not change in the spring of 2021. We are therefore still dependent on the assessments of market experts before official figures are available in three months.

Dividend will be increased
Apple also announced that the dividend will increase by seven percent. From now on, there will be a 22 cent payout per share to shareholders - those who have shares on May 10th will receive their payment on May 13th. At the same time, Apple is expanding its share buyback program - Apple plans to spend an additional 90 billion dollars on this.

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