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April 2022: Apple's Mac Delivery Times Rise Significantly Again

It was not long ago that we could conclude that the tense situation was probably better under control. Several Mac models were available with short waiting times, and things also looked much better for the MacBook Pro than they did in February. Now, however, the situation has changed again quite a bit, because we are currently confronted with completely different delivery forecasts again. Even the normally very well available Mac mini is only immediately available in the standard configuration. Below is an overview of how the range in the Apple Online Store is currently doing.

Mac mini: BTO versions not until the end of April
Apple can ship the two standard configurations, which only differ in terms of storage capacity, immediately. However, as soon as there is to be more than 512 GB, Apple is talking about the end of April. On-site pickup is also possible on April 29 at the earliest. Compared to the situation at the end of February, this corresponds to an additional week of waiting time for BTO variants.

MacBook Air 13": Not until May again
The situation is even worse for the MacBook Air, which will only arrive at customers in the two standard configurations between May 3 and 10. A bit curious: If it's supposed to be 1 TB instead of 512 GB, the forecast drops and then indicates April 25 to 28. On the other hand, it will be May again for 16 GB of RAM. According to the current rumors, new models are not due until the second half of the year, so the increased delivery times are not an indication that updates are coming soon.



MacBook Pro 14" and 16": May to June
Regardless of whether with a small or large display, Apple cannot promise delivery before May 3. However, the statement only applies to the M1 Pro; the forecast already jumps up to "May 25 to June 9" for the M1 Max. 64 instead of 32 GB of RAM make it already "May 30 to June 10", which also means that the MacBook Pro is less available than in March.

iMac 24": Still in April
The situation is much better for the iMac 24", all three pre-configured models can be shipped directly after ordering. More RAM causes moderate delivery delays, in this case it would be between April 20 and 26. With 2 TB storage capacity, on the other hand, it might also be May, Apple calls the period "April 26 to May 2".

Mac Studio: It can be July
Those who settle for an M1 Max processor will receive their order on May 3 at the earliest, while with an M1 Ultra it will be between June 1 and 17. This is also more than was the case in mid-March. Deviations from the standard configuration mean that Apple no longer shows a date at all, but continues to indicate up to 12 weeks of waiting time - so you are already in July.

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