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Big Design Change – 10th Generation iPad Expected This Fall

"iPad" isn't just the name of the entire iPad product line; it's also the name of the base model. For years, Apple has produced the standard iPad alongside other variants such as the Air, mini, or iPad Pro – and according to the numbers over the years, the original iPad accounts for a large portion of Cupertino's sales in the tablet department. Although customers don't receive the pinnacle of what's technologically possible with the product, it is still a comparatively well-priced device with an excellent price/performance ratio – and should current reports be accurate, the device is queued for a redesign this fall. As discussed in other news, we may get the chance to enjoy more than just an updated processor come release.

Significant Design Differences Expected
As per indication from suppliers, there are some "major design changes" pending, meaning an extensive rework of the device's external housing and appearance. Although most experts expect that Apple will continue to rely on Touch as opposed to Face ID, the visual impression should still change due to thinner edges around the display. Even more changes are expected on the back of the device, which should set apart the upcoming iPad from its predecessors. Apple is also likely to switch from a fully flush camera to one that juts slightly out.



The new iPad as per renderings from


Release In September Or October?
There's some uncertainty concerning the exact release date. Although multiple reports have indicated a September release, August has been a difficult month for producers and suppliers in China. Both rigid corona policies and officially mandated closures due to the heat wave have led to numerous bumps in the road. There's also an official production throttle (and in some cases, complete discontinuation of production) until the 20th of August to save energy for the population amid a two-pronged crisis. This could lead to delays of multiple weeks; although nothing too drastic is expected – if such is the case, the iPad would see its release in October instead of September.

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