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Big Windows Update This Fall – Microsoft Says Goodbye To Relics Of Windows 95

Much has changed in terms of Microsoft Window's design in the last few years. Although Windows 98 adopted the same visual appearance as Windows 95, Windows XP went a different, more brightly coloured route. Then, when Windows Vista came around, the OS became flatter and more streamlined. One thing hasn't changed, however, as even Windows 10 has retained certain visual relicts from the days of Windows 95 in the form of various system icons and aspects of the design. Now that 2021 is here however, numerous aspects of OS's the design are allegedly for a change under the slogan, "Windows is back!". This update should finally unify old relicts and new aspects of the design together under a refurnished one.

The Floppy Disk Icon Remains – CRT Does Not
The redesign will bring with it the removal of some older and outdated icons no longer representative of Windows, however, the floppy disk icon will remain as the icon indicative of remaining of drive and storage space. Microsoft has already swapped the icons for File Explorer, Folders, the Recycling Bin, and drive icons, and now the company will be altering further outdated icons. For example, icons representative of older and outdated CRT screens will disappear in favor of LCD monitors. Windows Latest has uncovered several of the new icons that Windows users can expect:



No Windows 11 After Windows 10
Despite the visual upgrades expected for the OS, there is no plan to change the version number from 10 to 11 or any such thing at Microsoft. The company has already announced that there is no "Windows 11" planned. Instead – an update strategy of 2 large updates per year should turn the OS into a service. Eventually the number "10" will simply fall away when there support for older versions is eventually dropped. This is of course quite different from how Apple has decided to handle number bloat in their most recent software, with the new macOS Big Sur carrying the number "11" after macOS 10.

For the Apple world, the last UI refresher isn't too far into the past, as macOS Big Sur brought along numerous visual changes with it. The "Windows 10 21H2" update is expected to be released in October, at which point it will also be clear how much of the operating system's layout and design will be changed. At the moment, it's not known if the visual change will be quite as extreme as the one witnessed during the transition from macOS 10.15 Catalina to macOS 11 Big Sur.

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