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Bill Gates Prefers Android To iPhone – Due To Microsoft Apps & Other Reasons

The rivalry between Apple and Microsoft has dominated the tech industry for decades, having only recently been somewhat "reignited" by Intel's new "Go PC" ad campaign in reaction to Apple's new M1 chips. A recent interview with Microsoft founding father Bill Gates has also sorted for new discussion material. This time, it wasn't about Mac vs. Windows – it was about Android vs. iPhone, with Gates stating his preference for Android over iPhone.

Pre-installed Microsoft Apps On Android
Bill Gates recently took part in an iOS App Clubhouse meeting, where he
answered questions from journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. As Clubhouse is exclusively for iPhones, Bill Gates was asked about his smartphone preference, to which he answered, "because I want to keep track of everything, I'll often play around with iPhones, but the one I carry around happens to be Android". It's unsurprising that the long time Apple competitor doesn't prefer iPhones, however, he reiterated that this isn't a "purity" issue and many of his friends use iPhones.



Sorkin continues the interview by asking Gates whether or not the decision to choose iPhone or Android carried with it the same kind of religious zeal brought into the Mac vs. PC debate. Gates responds by clarifying that his choice in Android is more pragmatic and that many Android phones come with Microsoft apps pre-installed, which simplifies things for him. Besides, Android is more flexible when it comes to crossplay between apps and operating systems, according to Gates.

Gates' Challenging Relationship With Steve Jobs
During the interview, Sorkin also inquired about Gates' relationship to deceased Apple founder and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Although the relationship between the two was one characterized by mutual respect, it wasn't always easy. Gates settled upon referring to Jobs as "unique". In the past, Gates described Jobs in the following manner, "He was such a wizard at over-motivating people — I was a minor wizard so I couldn't fall under his spells — but I could see him casting the spells, and then I would look at people and see them mesmerized".

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