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Bloomberg: An Expensive Niche Product? – VR Headset Next Year, AR Glasses After

There are have been several indications that Apple is working on the development of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality technology. Next to the countless number of patents registered in the company's name, there are also clues from Apple's own representatives. Tim Cook himself stated that he believes Apple to be "at the forefront" of many AR developments. However, the company has still done its best to keep any talk of VR products private – but now, Bloomberg reports of an Apple VR headset have surfaced. The headset should be available next year and Bloomberg expects it to achieve moderate sales.

VR Headset by 2022
According to the report, Apple is working on a VR headset to compete with the products from Facebook, Sony, and HTC. It should be capable of simulating 3D environments for gaming, communication, and the viewing of videos. After multiple hurdles in the development process, the product should finally be ready for the market in 2022. The headset will also be equipped with displays capable of a much higher resolution than that currently offered by the competition. The chips used in the headset will also be extremely powerful – surpassing even those of the current M1 Macs. With such evident computing power demands a cooling system and the headset comes with an internal fan for this reason. According to Bloomberg however, Apple isn't necessarily counting on the product being a massive success. The sales expectations for the "expensive niche product" are "conservative". The product has its sights set on a small target group, paving the way for further products.



The Concept for AR Glasses Harks Back to Jony Ive
The next step for Apple after the VR headset is expected to be a set of AR glasses – a product preceded by some disagreement. Initially, Mike Rockwell, head of the VR/AR department, had designed an enormously powerful relying on a hub. Former Chief Design Officer, Jony Ive, wasn't very taken with Rockwell's design – the product's full functionality relied upon another device and so Ive suggested a set of glasses with reduced performance instead. After a months-long standstill, Tim Cook involved himself, ultimately deciding upon going forward with Ive's concept. Apple's AR glasses won't need any other accessories to work and will be equipped with their own battery. The current prototype possesses cameras, capable of tracking hand motions. Apple is reportedly working on technology that would allow users to type words in the air and transfer them to text. Concerning the new AR glasses, a leaker, Jon Prosser, has alleged that they will be called "Apple Glass" and will connect to the iPhone like the Apple Watch. Prosser's forecast for the release of the Apple Glasses differs from Bloomberg's, Prosser expects the glasses to be announced soon, whilst Bloomberg isn't counting on a release until a few more years.

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