Thursday, Nov 25, 2021, 11:41 Economy

Bloomberg – Apple Car On The Way, Project Sped Up, 2025 Debut Possible

When Apple set itself the ambitious goal of developing a car in 2015, it was hard to miss. The company wanted market ready Apple cars to hit the streets within 5 years, as it acquired countless industry experts from big-name automobile manufacturers. However, completion of the goal with the 5 year time frame was difficult to achieve, and in between, the entire project was even at risk of being cancelled. Over the last two years, it's started to look as if Apple's ambitions have expanded – meanwhile it's also become obvious that the initial goal was not accomplished within the given timeframe. Additionally, Apple no longer seems to be satisfied with just developing sensor technology to be put on an "Apple car" from another brand. It looks as if Cupertino wants to develop its own entire car. According to a new Bloomberg report, the company is setting itself a new time window for this.

Apple Still Optimistic Despite Planning Difficulties
Of course, the current international chip shortage thanks to pandemic shutdowns has led to Cupertino encountering some new difficulties within the early stages of its goal (and is the reason its so hard to find a new car in many parts of the world lately) – as long as no further delays occur, Apple hopes to achieve the first sale of an Apple car by 2025. Per Bloomberg, Apple has expanded its internal prognosis, and now estimates the project's completion as within the next 5 to 7 years. Under no condition does the company want to simply offer yet another automobile – instead, Cupertino hopes to revolutionize the entire industry.



Plans Appear To Encompass A Fully Automatic Car
According to Bloomberg, Apple has pursued 2 paths at once over the years. The initial dream vision was of a fully self-driving car, with no need for human input. However, a safer scenario similar to Tesla has also been invested in simultaneously. Such a car would also rely partially on autonomous control and driving features. In such instances, steering and cruise control would be governed by the car, although there would need to be a driver behind the wheel at all times. At the moment, everything seems to be progressing quite promisingly, at least, according to the project's current management and Bloomberg's recent report. Apple is optimistic that it will be able to enter the market with the original concept car – a fully autonomous, self-driving automobile.

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