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Bloomberg: Apple To Announce MacBook Pro Between September & November 2021

Last summer, Apple announced that it would begin the process of phasing out Intel chips in its computers and future devices from Cupertino would possess Apple-produced processors. At the start, some scoffed at the company. After all, what company would have the gall to insult Intel, the industry goliath, and even hope to compete against the company's years of experience in the world of computer chip development. In addition, the chips that Apple proposed to replace Intel's with were derived from the chip architecture present in the company's own in-house chips for iPhone and iPad. However, despite (or perhaps in spite of) raised eyebrows concerning the move, Apple surprised the entire industry when it presented the first ARM-based Macs with M1 chips last fall. The IT world was impressed, not only were the chips extremely energy efficient, but they were also surprisingly powerful for chips based on a mobile design – even managing to clearly outclass many Intel chips of the same tier.

The First Release
The first Mac computers to receive the Apple Silicon treatment were the MacBook Pro 13", the MacBook Air, and the Mac mini – all in November 2020. Shortly after, in the Spring of next year, the 21.5" iMac was added to the lineup. The iMac's release differed from that of the previously mentioned models in that it featured a complete redesign – somewhat reminiscent of the Apple computers of the early 2000s, at least in terms of the color scheme if nothing more.



MacBook Pro With Apple Silicon Up Next
However, there are still several Intel model Macs left over, with Apple still in the transitory period of the switch to ARM. Thus far, Apple has used either identical or slightly differing iterations of the same chip in all of the devices that have undergone the switch. This also means that there is as of yet no "performance" version of the current M1 chip for premium performance tier Macs, such as the MacBook Pro 14" and 16", the larger iMac, or the Mac Pro. It's currently expected that Apple will present a completely new follow up to the MacBook Pro lineup as the next step in the switch. Both devices will have screen dimensions of 14" and 16", along with Mini-LED backlighting – which is already present in the iPad Pro and Apple's Pro XDR display.

Manufacturing Problems Due To Displays
However, there have been a few issues with the displays for the upcoming MacBook Pro models – particularly, bottlenecks. According to Bloomberg, this is the reason that Apple has planned the first announcement and presentation for this fall. The exceptionally well-informed Mark Gurman believes that Apple will present the new models between September and November of this year. Last fall, Apple held three events in total, at which the company presented a new iPad Air, the HomePod mini, the iPhone 12 lineup, and the first M1 Macs. A similar event with fireworks and product announcements is likely planned this year.

Potential Difficulties With Delivery
It's generally assumed that many customers stayed plans to purchase the current Intel variation of the MacBook Pro 16" after the announcement of the switch to in-house chips. Thus, it's likely that the delivery situation this fall could see a few bottlenecks due to order volume. Even after the announcement of the first M1 Macs last year, some had to wait until the beginning of 2021 to receive their orders.

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