Tuesday, Jul 20, 2021, 15:13 Economy

Bloomberg: Apple To Postpone Ending Home Office – Possibly For A Long Time

Previously, Apple had wanted to return to normal operations in a few weeks from now and repopulate the ghost town that Apple Park has become with swarms of people. However, everything at the moment indicates that the international coronavirus pandemic is likely to further hinder this endeavor. Those at Apple hoping for some of the Déjà-vu of what now appears to many to be a bygone era – the coronavirus is yet again preventing things at Cupertino from flowing how they were originally intended to. This time, it's not due to concerns brought about by a local infection crisis – rather concerns of the new, highly transmissible delta variant of the coronavirus. In many countries, this new variant is the cause of a rising number of infections. Countries like the USA, with a large unvaccinated population or a large portion of the population who refuses to receive the vaccine, are especially at risk for the spread of the delta variant.

October At The Earliest – Or Much Later
According to Apple's own internal circles, the word is now that the company won't be resuming normal operations by September of this year – rather by October at the earliest. However, even this date is subject to change – as the situation could worsen as the year progresses. Employees will receive at least one month's notice before the requirement to return to normal operations is issued. An official statement concerning this delay of the return to normal operations hasn't been given yet, but it's likely to come soon. The current operation of Apple Stores will remain unaffected by this order – as the operative practices of each individual Apple Store are determined by the store's local situation.



Not Triggered By Internal Protest
Whether or not the small yet very vocal minority of individuals advocating against an end to home office have contributed to this unknown. The group is vehemently promoting an alternative to Apple's plan to return to former normal operations in favor of greater flexibility – contrary to what most at Apple want. On the other hand, Apple argues that more creativity arises from random encounters between individuals in the office environment, along with a strengthened corporate culture and "togetherness" that can't be accomplished in the home office environment. Home office is a useful component in the picture, or tool in the arsenal for special occasions (sickness, pandemics, crises, etc.), but normal on-site operations are essential. The fact that almost 3,000 Apple employees have started a Slack group to advocate for an indefinite extension of an "optional home office" doesn't seem to have phased Apple one bit. Additionally, with respect to the entire workforce at Apple Park – the number actually isn't that large nor representative of the general wishes at Apple. Even mentions of threats made by many employees to quit (should Cupertino force a resumption of normal operations) have been far and few between, with hardly any weight behind them.

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