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Bloomberg: Apple Wants Face ID For All Macs, iPhones, & iPads – Several Challenges Stand In Way

Face ID has been available for quite a while now, albeit, only on certain Apple devices – others, such as the iPhone SE, have to make do with a fingerprint scanner or "Touch ID". In the iPad lineup, Face ID is reserved for Pro models. As far as Macs are concerned, the sensors required to bring the technology to the Mac aren't yet available. According to a recent report, Apple wants to use the technology in all Macs, iPhones, and iPads in the future. However, it could take a while until the switch from Touch ID to Face ID occurs for all products.

A Question Of Price For The iPhone
As reported by Bloomberg, Apple would actually rather switch to Face ID on all devices now – the only problem is the cost of components for Face ID and the resulting production cost impact on Apple's product pricing model. In addition, it's out of the question to those at Cupertino to sacrifice the safety and privacy of their users for the price – and so using cheaper parts is not an option. This is the reason why the iPhone SE and base model iPads have yet to receive the technology.



Mac Not Ready Yet
There's another set of problems entirely for Face ID on the Mac. For starters, the narrow housing lid simply doesn't contain enough space for all of the technology's components. There's enough space for a front camera but not enough for the depth sensor. This is a significant issue for "TrueDepth", a building block critical to Face ID's security. Thus, it's certain that there won't be any Face ID for Mac coming this year, which wouldn't arrive until 2022 by the earliest. It's already been known for quite some time that Apple is interested in bringing Face ID to the Mac – as per a diverse set of clues found in the depths of macOS.

Differences Between Budget & Performance Models To Remain
Even once all devices are eventually equipped with Face ID, there will still be differences between the budget models, base models, and performance models of Apple's products – according to the exceptionally well-informed Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. Apple is currently working on integrating Face ID sensors into the Mac's display and on the implementation of a "punch-hole" solution – similar to Samsung phones' punch-hole displays. The only small difference between the glass on both devices would be that the budget and base models would still rely on a notch in the display as opposed to the aforementioned design.

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