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Bloomberg: Big iPad Upgrades Planned – iPad, iPad mini, & iPad Pro

The last large announcement in the iPad sector wasn't long ago, as Apple just presented the new iPad Pro with M1 last month in April. According to Bloomberg, however, the next generation of tablets is already in the works and should arrive on the market next year. The rear of the device will see a redesign with Apple wanting to rely on glass in the future. This decision is also due to a new important feature – the switch to wireless charging. The iPad Pro won't only be able to charge wirelessly with Qi-charging technology, but it will also be able to charge other devices (e.g. iPhones or other Qi-charging compatible devices) when laid on the back of the iPad Pro.

Bloomberg has also pointed out that usage of MagSafe is likely. The technology first adapted for the mobile sector with the advent of the iPhone 12 is now also making its way over to the tablet sector. Apple is also trying to work out how far wireless charge can be delivered so that no direct contact between charger and device would be necessary. Either way, so much time is likely to pass until the release of the next iPad Pro that things are bound to change at least somewhat, according to Bloomberg.



The coming iPad mini could look like a smaller version of the iPad Air

New Design For iPad mini
The smallest iPad is also taking a step forwards and will receive its first design update in over 6 years. The mini's new design will take after that of the other iPads. This also means that the home button will be making a departure in place of a larger display. With the iPad Air, Apple also relocated Touch ID to the power button in favor of a larger display. The upcoming iPad mini could have a diagonal display length of up to 9" as a result, the current length is 7.9".

Entry-Level iPad Still Planned
The budget entry-level model, which has received quite a lot of attention lately, will maintain its current place in Apple's iPad line – although the product is still likely to receive some changes by the end of this year. Although it's unlikely that Apple will draw from the design of the iPad Air or Pro, it's a given that Cupertino will try to reduce the tablet's height.

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