Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 16:33 Mac: Hardware

Bloomberg: Mac Announcement Possible At 2022 WWDC – Likely MacBook Air M2

Normally, Apple rarely reveals new hardware at the Worldwide Developers Conference. This year, however, things could be different. According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently planning to present a new generation of the MacBook Air during the event. The Keynote for 2022's WWDC will take place next Monday at 1 PM EST. As usual, we at mtech.news will also be journaling live concerning the matter.

Completely New Device
The MacBook Air stands amongst the first devices to have received the M-chip treatment back in November of 2020 after Apple announced the decision to switch from Intel to in-house processors. However, although Apple completely changed out the device's interior – including its processor architecture, the housing and display size remained the same. Since then, rumors have added up that Cupertino might be planning a completely new MacBook Air. Especially since the affordable MacBook is Apple's most frequently sold laptop.



Next Generation Of M-Chips
The MacBook Air should be the first Apple computer to receive the next generation of M-chips. As far as the M2 is concerned, there's less focus on performance with even more focus on energy efficiency this release go-around. Quantum leaps in performance similar to the difference between Apple's previously used Intel chips and the first generation of M-chips are not to be expected. That being said, the M2 is very likely to lay the groundwork for future M2 performance devices.

Supply Chain Problems
Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reports that if Apple does indeed plan to present new hardware at this year's WWDC, that new hardware is likely to be a Mac – and most likely a MacBook Air. However, Apple currently has some serious problems with supply chains as a result of current lockdowns in China. This could put a wrench in the company's plans and force it to delay the announcement until a later point in time. Currently the situation is not looking good in terms of availability. Apple purchases in some countries are currently met with delivery wait times of until August.

Apple Employees Already Using Newest Model
There was a report as early as April detailing how Apple's internal employees were testing 9 new Mac models with different processors. Based on this, Bloomberg considers it very likely that the development phase is over, although supply chain problems may lead to a delay in both announcement and release.

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