Monday, Jan 09, 2023, 21:25 Mac: Hardware

Bloomberg: Mac Pro To Arrive In Same Design As Predecessor – No Upgradeable RAM

Per all projections, this should be the year that Apple finishes the transition to in-house, ARM architecture announced during the presentation of the first Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro 13" (M1) Apple Silicon variants. The last pending model is the Mac Pro, which currently still carries Intel chips. Since 2019, the device has remained unaltered – meaning a purchase of the expensive high-end Mac is inadvisable.

Of course, there's already a great deal of speculation concerning an Apple Silicon Mac Pro's potential technical specifications and design. Just recently, there was a report that the rumored M2 "Extreme" chip's development was discontinued and that the in-house chipped Mac Pro will rely on "just" the M2 Ultra. However, given that these are only rumors – this is far from a certainty.



The Same Design?
Whether or not Apple will uphold the same tower design for the upcoming Mac Pro or if it will experiment with some new construction forms was, until now, an entirely unanswered question. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman meanwhile claims that Apple will likely retain the mini-tower – with the same design as always: The Apple Silicon Mac Pro should thus look exactly the same as the 2019 Mac Pro. The interior will, of course, undergo a complete redesign – but nothing on the exterior should change, according to Gurman.

No Upgradeable RAM?
The current Mac Pro is the only available Mac with upgradeable RAM. According to information from Mark Gurman, the memory in the next version of Apple's most powerful computer, similarly to that in other M-chips, won't be exchangeable or expandable –  it should be almost soldered onto the chip. Customers will thus have to estimate exactly how much working memory they'll need over the years when they purchase their device.

Expandable SSD & More Ports
Gurman also notes that the Mac Pro will provide two ports for additional SSD space. Furthermore, the new device should also contain other expansion slots for connecting parts such as network cards to – for example. Something rather noteworthy is that Gurman also mentions graphics cards – although it's nearly certain that the new Mac Pro won't support GPUs from third-party providers.

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