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Bloomberg: Redesigned iPad mini 6 Soon To Be Released

Things have been pretty quiet with the iPad mini over the last few years. The fifth and up until now last generation of the iPad mini was released in 2019 with only conservative updates – Apple swapped out the aged A8 chip for a newer A12 and added support for the first-generation Apple Pencil. However, Cupertino has been far more courageous with other iPads. Take for example the recent iPad Air, which saw a design update reminiscent of the iPad Pro line, added support for the Apple Pencil 2, and even a Touch ID sensor for the power button. Now, industry connoisseur and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman has provided some new information concerning the iPad mini 6 in his Power On newsletter.

iPad mini 6 – New Design & More Performance
After the rather conservative care that the current line of the iPad mini has received, it's time for a makeover with some significant updates. According to Gurman, the iPad mini 6 should take after the newest iPad Air in terms of appearance in the biggest "redesign" of the iPad mini since the product's launch in 2012. This means that relicts such as the current broad display edges and home-button could be making an exit. With the remake of the iPad mini 6 to current design standards at Apple, the standard iPad would be the only product in the entire iPad lineup that has yet to receive such an update and still carries the traditional design. In addition and unsurprisingly, Cupertino will also add a little bit of a kick to the sixth generation iPad mini's step by replacing the A12 chip with a more recent and more powerful one.



Jon Prosser With More Details Concerning iPad mini 6
Those interested in the iPad mini 6 won't have to wait much longer. Gurman foresees a release this fall, similarly to the infamous leaker Jon Prosser, according to whom the coming tablet will receive a Touch ID capable power button, and USB-C connector. Next to the new A14 chip, a new, smaller Apple Pencil will also be joining the Apple ranks.

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