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Bloomberg: The Future Of The Apple Watch – Plans For 2021 & More

This fall will also see a new generation of the Apple Watch – all journals are united in this forecast. In addition to getting a slight design rework with flatter sides, the Apple Watch Series 7 will also be getting ultra-wideband, a better display, and even an improved chip. Although the watch will be a little bit thicker than some of its predecessors, this should barely (if at all) be noticeable according to current reports. In a recent article from Bloomberg, the journal discusses the future of and potential changes to the Apple Watch planned for the coming years. Some of these changes were even planned for 2021, although it now seems as if we're no longer going to see all of the discussed features this year and will have to wait a little bit longer for the rest.

Temperature Sensor: Delayed Until 2022
Apple had actually planned to include a sensor for measuring body temperature in the 2021 Apple Watch. However, this has now been delayed until next year and we'll likely see it with Series 8.



Apple Watch & Blood Sugar: It'll Take A While
It'll still be a long way off until Apple can develop the technology that would allow the Apple watch to measure its wearer's blood sugar. Although Apple has been intensively working on the feature and will continue to do so throughout 2021 and 2022, it's not planned for either of those years. Although there has been some progress, the technology still isn't "mature enough" yet and likely won't be ready for "several years". For the time being, diabetics will still have to rely on conventional methods to check up on their glucose levels.

An "Explorer" Version Of The Apple Watch?
Another product update is forecast for 2022. It's certain that Apple has an "Adventurer" or "Explorer" edition of the Apple Watch more capable of withstanding the elements and with a sturdier frame for the outdoorsy types. However, we won't see it this year, unfortunately.

New Apple Watch SE: 2022
At the September 2020 event, Apple presented the "Apple Watch SE", however, we won't be seeing an update to the SE line this year. That won't arrive until at least 2022, according to Bloomberg. Unlike with its standard products, Apple doesn't plan a yearly cycle for the line-up for the SE line-up, which includes the Apple Watch SE and iPhone SE. The same is true of the Apple Watch SE, although Apple does intend to keep the product around. Bloomberg doesn't mention whether or not Apple plans to offer two budget models with the release of the Apple Watch Series 7. The current inexpensive variants are the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 3.

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