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Bloomberg: The Rivalry Between Apple & Microsoft Is Back

The times since Microsoft and Apple stood at opposite ends of the board as the two main forces in tech. For the majority of the "early days", Microsoft was actually the dominant force – and to such extent that almost any other option was defunct in the eyes of the average consumer. Apple was on the verge of insignificance. The fight between Redmond and Cupertino was being won so heavily by Microsoft that accusations of monopoly were hurled at the company. Nowadays, Apple is no longer the rebellious younger sibling, or the small underdog, although Microsoft is still considered the "epitome" of dominance when it comes to the market.

Damaged Relations
Although the "wars" are still over, the rivalry between the companies has been renewed. A report from Bloomberg gives insight into how strongly the two companies view each other as competition and are raising the rhetoric. More than a decade after the "I'm a Mac" advertisements targeting Windows, Microsoft is now releasing a diverse series of ads against Apple. The same also goes for Intel, who – ironically enough, stole Apple's actor for the original "Get a Mac" ad campaign.



Competition – The Blocking of xCloud
It only takes one look at what Microsoft and Apple are currently doing to realize that the two are soon to butt heads in multiple categories – whether it comes to notebooks or tablets, cloud computing, AI, chip development, and headsets or AR/VR. Another aspect of the reemerging competition is also the gaming market (although Apple isn't known for gaming), which is part of the reason for the recent damage to the two company's relationship. The trigger is xCloud – a gaming service owned by Microsoft that Apple prevented from launching on the iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft Turns On Apple
Microsoft is one of Epic Games' biggest supporters in the current litigation against Apple on the basis of "monopolising behaviour". According to one Microsoft Manager, Apple's current actions are even worse than Microsoft's, when the company was accused of breaking anti-trust laws over 20 years ago. Despite the current disparities, the two companies continue to cooperate in other areas, as in the case of Microsoft Office 365 for iOS and Mac. In the 80s and 90s, it would have been an implicit threat for Microsoft to have focused on solely a Windows version. However, the times of the 80s and 90s are now long since over and Apple's become quite a power in the market. Considering this, it would be highly unlikely for Microsoft to pursue such a course and possibly even damaging to do so.

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