Thursday, Jan 28, 2021, 15:52 Mac: Hardware

Bloomberg: iMac To Receive Face ID – But Not Too Soon

Current security options for Mac are the passcode, and in some cases, the Touch ID sensor – sadly lacking on iMac. Owners of an iMac are left with a password as the only means of securing their device unless they link their AppleWatch to the computer and use it to unlock the desktop. On iPhone and iPad there's been another unlock-option present for quite some time – Face ID. Face ID projects multiple invisible points onto the user's face – before the infrared camera reads the resulting pattern, thus determining whether or not the face is that of the owner and deciding to either grant or deny access to the device. Although this feature has been considered standard for iPhone and iPad for quite some time now, it has yet to make its arrival on Mac. Now it appears as if Apple has begun work on adding this feature to Mac, although it may take some time.

The Newly Designed iMac – Still Without Face ID
In a new article, Bloomberg reports not only on a new MacBook Air but also on the development of Face ID for Mac. Apple is already working on Face ID for Mac and is now planning on adding the technology to future iMacs. Bloomberg posits an entirely new design for the upcoming iMac – based on the style of Apple's Pro Display XDR, although Cupertino is now holding back and the iMac isn't likely to receive Face ID until the follow up to the upcoming iMac.



Face ID for Mac in 2022?
There has already been a great deal of speculation concerning Face ID for Mac – with good reason. For example, codes supporting "Pearl Camera" were found in the 3rd macOS Big Sur beta, which may serve as an indication of Apple's intention to provide support for the facial recognition technology on Mac. The report from Bloomberg makes no distinction as to whether or not the wait for Face ID on Mac will be solely restricted to the iMac, or whether we'll have to wait until 2022 to see it on any Mac.

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