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"Bluesky" On The App Store – Twitter Inventor/Jack Dorsey's New Platform

The US-entrepreneur Jack Dorsey certainly appears to always be on the go. He is the inventor and co-founder of the microblogging-service Twitter, although he resigned from his position as CEO of the company in 2021. By May of the following year, the first negotiations regarding Twitter's potential sale to Elon Musk had begun, whereupon Dorsey finalized his separation from the company. However, that hasn't meant that the billionaire is enjoying retirement – he is working on an alternative platform to Twitter by the name of "Bluesky". Word of the project was previously quite sparse for a while, until the service popped up on the App Store – although it's not yet available for all interested parties.

Beta App On The App Store – Registration Only Via Invitation Code
It's not easy to find Bluesky on the App Store, although the application has existed on the platform since the 17th of February – dissimilar to the Google Play Store. The barely 30 MB app is still distinguished as a "private beta" and requires an invitation code. Users cannot create an account without this code. Despite the requirements on the software side, things on the hardware side aren't all too strict. iOS 12.4 is all that's needed to run the app, and those who want to can even download the iOS app on any Mac with an M1 chip or newer. The app's description is very vague, but the screenshots do provide some limited impressions of the platform's appearance. The design is quite reminiscent of Twitter, although the user interface comes a little more purist across.



Source: App Store

The Look & Feel Of Twitter
TechCrunch has already tried the service out. The interface is plain and simple, with posts allowing up to 256 characters with support for the optional inclusion of photos. Users can follow other people, who will then appear in the followers' timelines. All-in-all, the app feels like a somewhat slimmed-down version of Twitter. Bluesky is based on the decentralized "Authenticated Transfer Protocol", which allows both users and companies to self-host their own content. When the official release of the service will take place remains unknown. At the moment, the developers at Bluesky are focused on bug-removal, per the company's statement to TechCrunch.

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