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Briefly: Apple To Rejoin The NAB Events +++ New "Vice President of Communications"

Apple is normally very reserved when it comes to trade fairs. For 12 years now, the company has not attended any trade fairs (like MacWorld San Francisco once) and the company pays little attention to other events. In 2021, however, it appears as if the company will make an exception. After exactly one decade of abstinence, Apple is set to make another appearance at the NAB or The National Association of Broadcasters – where companies such as Disney, ABC, CBS, Dreamworks, ESPN, Fox, Hulu, IHeartMedia, NBC and Netflix can also be found.

Apple's Last Appearance
In 2011, Apple presented the redeveloped Final Cut Pro X at the NAB, after which the company ceased attending any further events. It's unknown how visible an entrance Apple plans to make this October in Las Vegas – it seems unlikely that the company is planning a Keynote to present or announce new products. Apple normally reserves such things for its private, self-organized events. However, it is possible that the company could present the new M1X model of the MacBook Pro – the vast majority of the audience attending the NAB is exactly the product's target audience. It's much more likely that Apple is simply making an appearance as a sponsor or sending a few representatives to the trade fair.



Stella Low – Apple's New VP of Communications
Apple is adding a new name to its ranks, Stella Low, to be precise. For years, she's headed communications at companies such as Cisco, Dell, and EMC – now she'll be taking over the same role at Apple. The new hire was necessitated, as the previous Vice President of Communication, Steve Dowling had left the company almost two years ago. Apple took its time to find the right candidate to fill the seat, whilst Phil Schiller stepped in to take over the role until also moving to a different position within the company.

Stella Low
Stella Low comes from the UK, where she studied at London South Bank University. She's also on the board of The American Heart Association. Just like Tor Mhyren, Apple's Vice President, Stella Low answers directly to Tim Cook, who she is positioned directly under. Whereas Mhyren's assignments are primarily in the marketing area, Low will take over management of internal processes and PR.

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