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Can I Stay On iOS 14? The Initial Option Was Only Temporary According To Apple

Focus mode, SharePlay, and app safety – there are many reasons to make the switch to iOS 15. Thus far, however, safety reasons alone haven't been reason enough to switch to iOS 15. Those who chose to keep iOS 14 on their device were also provided with the option of receiving regular security updates. Meanwhile, Apple has taken a step backwards and as of now, only updates to iOS 15 are shown in the update section and iOS 14.8.1 is no longer shown. Users hoping to continue remaining on iOS 14 uninterrupted are now, understandably, more than a little confused. Now, Apple has come to clear the situation up a little.

Apple Comments On Backing Down
It came as somewhat surprising when Apple decided to give users a choice between upgrading to iOS 15 or remaining on iOS 14 and receiving security updates. As indicated by the company via Ars Technica, this option was always intended to be a temporary arrangement. Therefore, it's clear that the withdrawal of iOS 14.8.1 from the updates section is not a mistake. It seems that Apple was hoping to prepare users for an ultimate switch to iOS 15. However, the company has barely discussed any sort of timeframe – by the list of features for the iOS 15 update, the following information panel revealing the formerly available update options now no longer appears:



Source: Apple

Users Adopting iOS 15 Slower Than Previous Generation
Via ArsTechnia, Apple pointed to a support document released back in September 2021 which did indeed mention a passage for such an occurrence: The company references the option mentioned in the support document, that would allow users to continue using iOS and iPad OS 14 whilst still receiving security updates within a specific timeframe. Why Apple has suddenly changed stance to forcing users looking to update their devices to now make the jump to iOS 15 is unclear. The operating system has been adopted by users much more slowly overall than with previous iterations. There are several likely reasons for this: Firstly, some users wanted to avoid Apple's previously announced and then cancelled "photo scanning" measures – and secondly, others were hoping to avoid the usual bugs that tend to slip through the cracks and pop up during the immediate period following the release of a new OS.

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