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Can You Play Fortnite On iPhone Again Now? Popular Game Set To Return After Several Detours

The popular shooter "Fortnite", developed by recent Apple rival in court, Epic Games' Studios, is still enjoying significant popularity. Epic Games continues to update the game with new "season" which expand the game world and bring new content. Thus, many gamers retain their interest in the game and eagerly await the updates. It's not that surprising that the game can be found on almost all platforms... except for the App Store. The reason? Apple removed it and Fortnite is now no longer available for download on iPhone or iPad. Not much is likely to change for some time with respects to the situation, however, there is an alternative way to play the game on iOS/iPad OS. Anyone interested in playing Fortnite on one of Apple's handheld iDevices can now do so with the help of cloud gaming.

Fortnite To Return To iPhone Via Cloud Gaming
It hasn't been possible to play Fortnite on either iPhone or iPad since the summer of 2020 when Epic Games (Fortnite's developer) tried to work its way around Apple's App Store commission on in-app purchases – resulting in Cupertino removing the app from the App Store and the resulting high profile lawsuit from Epic Games. Cloud gaming on the other hand has managed to escape some of Apple's sphere of influence. Currently, Apple does not allow cloud gaming apps on the App Store (likely as these would directly compete with Apple Arcade), however, it can't do anything about cloud gaming services that accessible via web browser. This is exactly the case with Nvidia's GeForce Now – since November 2020, GeForce Now has supported Safari and thus access to its entire cloud gaming catalog. Starting next week, there will be a rather prominent addition to GeForce Now's game library. Beta users of the game streaming service can already play Fortnite on their iDevices. Nvidia streams the same mobile version of the game which is still available to Android users. After Fortnite was also kicked off the Google Play Store, Android users have also had to make due with solely the desktop version of the app – however, it is still possible to play the game on Android via purchase or download from an external app store as the Android platform does not have any ban on external App Stores.



Closed Beta – Limited User Capacity
The announcement that Fortnite mobile will be making its way over to Geforce Now arrived via Nvidia's website. A paid subscription to the service isn't necessary, however, those interested in joining have to add their names to the closed beta's wait list. Fortnite's streamed mobile version relies on touch controls. Additionally, gamers will need a good connection to stream the game without too much lag – or delayed response between the game and input, reaction time is especially important in online shooter games.

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