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Canadian Police Warns: AirTags are Used for Car Thefts

Basically, Apple's AirTags serve pretty clearly defined purposes: If you can't find an object and it is tagged with one of the smart labels, they help you find it. If a bunch of keys or a wallet is even lost, the finder gets access to the owner's contact information. Sometimes the functional principle of AirTags is also used for other purposes: For example, the route of a shipment sent by post and tag could be tracked. However, some areas of use are of a criminal nature: Apple had to take a lot of criticism because the protection against unwanted tracking was not sufficient. Currently, the York police in the Canadian province of Ontario is warning of car thefts in which AirTags play a leading role.

AirTags barely noticeable hidden on vehicle
In a release from York Regional Police, the agency warns of a new method that is making it much easier to steal vehicles. More and more thieves, for example, are attaching AirTags to cars parked at shopping centers or in public parking lots. Unsurprisingly, the criminals would mainly target high-priced vehicles. The location of the AirTags is such that the driver usually does not pay attention to them: According to police, they are often located near the trailer hitch or the gas cap.



Apple makes improvements to AirTags.
As soon as the car owner parks the car on the driveway of the house and the security measures are low, the thieves strike - and then use conventional methods to break into the car. Apple took some precautions to prevent unwanted tracking: Thus, foreign search tags beep at times to draw attention to themselves - which, of course, is not too useful while driving. Corresponding notifications on the iPhone are not always read by the users. However, Apple might allow the targeted detection of unwanted AirTags starting with iOS 15.2 - but the company removed this feature again in the third beta.

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