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Chip Rumors: The 2021 MacBook Pro 16" Could Be Spectacular

If the most recent reports are true, the new MacBook Pro 16" with Apple Silicon should make its arrival by this summer. There were concerns that the new computer might experience delays due to display bottlenecks, however, Bloomberg has now delivered some more concrete statements. In the past, Bloomberg has proven itself to be a reliable source of Apple news, especially when it comes to the specifications of new and upcoming products. The publications current specification forecast for the 2021 MacBook Pro 16" seems more than plausible.

The Fastest Notebook On The Market
Apple's M1 has already accomplished a great ordeal by outperforming the majority of desktop chips on the market – even those requiring multiple times the same amount of energy. The second generation of the M1 arriving in the MacBook Pro 16", should shoot Apple Silicon's benchmarks even further into the sky. According to Bloomberg, Apple will double the number of performance cores to 8 but use fewer efficiency cores. Even if single-core performance doesn't see an improvement, there will be an improvement in the benchmarks – likely an almost doubling of the 7,200 point benchmark score all the way up to 14,000.

However, the increase in performance won't be as drastic as the benchmarks in practice, despite the massive increase to benchmark performance – the MacBook Pro 16" will still be one the fastest notebooks on the market (by clear marks) and it could even be one of the fastest computers of all time available to private customers. This revelation is made even more spectacular by the fact that Apple won't be equipping the device with any "air turbine" fans – which means quieter running and longer battery life.

Flat Edge: What The MacBook Pro 16" Should Look Like



A New Level Of Graphics Performance
Another further point in the new 16" MacBook Pro's favour: the graphics performance. The current M1's successor's 8 GPU cores set the computer's graphics performance directly in the mid-class range. That's quite a big deal for a compact computer, but not enough for "Pro" models. However (dependent upon the variant), the new MacBook Pro will also come with 16 or 32 dedicated GPU cores, doubling the performance by up to 4 times that of the current M1 computers. In the latter case, Apple would be encroaching upon desktop benchmarks in the range of a powerful desktop equipped with a GeForce RTX 3080 with a 350-watt TDP (thermal design point). In practice, the desktop computer would obviously be more powerful, especially as a result of the faster graphics memory.

Conclusion: The 2021 MacBook Pro 16" Could Be Spectacular
Along with the impressive performance specifications, the 2021 MacBook Pro 16" should come with more ports, and welcome the return of the sorely missed MagSage charging system. Everything points to this being one of the most important hardware presentations for quite some time in the Apple world. The M1's debut was groundbreaking and it set the bar for what a compact notebook can accomplish even higher. With such an impressive performance debut for Apple's basic computer line, even better things can be expected of the professional lines oriented towards users with even greater demands for graphics and computing power.

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