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Comparison: AirPods Vs. Beats Studio Buds

Last year, rumors arose that Apple wanted to "bury" the Beats brand – as the Apple subsidiary competes with the company's own AirPods. Rumors were then even further strengthened by the fact that all "Beats by Dr. Dre" pages disappeared from the Apple website. Despite this, the company has still invested in the release of a new product under the Beats brand. The latest addition to the line-up are the Beats Studio Buds – announced in the middle of June, with a product launch expected sometime this summer. In the rest of this article, we'll take a look at what differentiates the Beats lineup from the AirPods lineup.

At first sight, there's one particular difference that sticks out between the Beats and AirPods – Beats earphones don't have any "stilettos" under the earpiece, unlike the current and future AirPods. In addition, the studio buds are also available in three colors (white, black, red), whereas the AirPods are only available with white housing. The AirPods charging case can also be charged via induction, whereas the Beats charging case cannot.



Battery Life & Features Very Similar
As a result of the AirPods and Beats sharing much of the same technology, the features and specifications are strikingly similar. Firstly, the battery life and run time are almost identical, as is the range of features. Support for Hey Siri, Bluetooth 5.0, "One-Touch" Pairing, noise cancelling along with transparency mode, connection to the "Find my iPhone" network, and spatial audio are present in both product categories – although, in the case of the AirPods, some features are not present in the base model and restricted to the AirPods Pro. The presence of spatial audio is restricted by the price of hardware necessary to support the feature in a standard tier headphone. One thing that the new Beats can't do – automatic device swapping and automatic start/stopping of playback upon application to or removal from the ears.

Sound Quality & Price
According to the first few tests, the Beats Studio Buds bring considerable audio quality to the table, albeit not the same level of quality as the PowerBeats Pro or AirPods Pro. Apple has also decided to offer the earphones at quite an aggressive price, especially considering that the AirPods and AirPods Pro (standard price US$199.99 & US$249.99 respectively although the market price of both is just under US$) are considerably more expensive.

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