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Comparison With Video: iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera Vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's

Three cameras, 12 megapixels, and 3x zoom: The iPhone 13 Pro Max's camera capabilities in a nutshell. Samsung ramps things up even further, the South Korean company's top model Galaxy S22 Ultra has 4 cameras, with one providing up to 108 megapixels. In comparison to Apple's premium smartphone, it also offers two built-in telephoto lenses. However, when it comes to absolute photo quality on smartphones, pure hardware specifications only provide half the picture – regardless of how impressive they may be at first glance.

Practical Comparison – iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra
What truly matters is how a device performs in reality as opposed to on paper. For this very reason, MacRumors recently ran a few benchmark tests to compare the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The tech website took several photos with both devices during the tests and presented both camera systems with various challenging conditions such as those under extreme backlight.



Source: MacRumors

The tests showed that both the iPhone and the Galaxy had barely any weaknesses and that both performed superiorly in pretty much any situation. The only resulting variables worth mentioning were the color temperatures. The Galaxy S22 Ultra showed a softer tendency towards cooler colors whereas the iPhone 13 Pro Max delivered slightly warmer photos. The South Korean manufacturer's smartphone accentuates catchlights considerably, reducing the image's sharpness in situation with lots of catchlighting.

Samsung Device's Zoom Significantly Worse
The iPhone was also slightly better at rendering rendering skin tones, where they appeared much more natural than on the Galaxy. There were also barely any noticeable differences in portrait mode, where both devices produced sharp recordings with handsome bokeh.

The Galaxy was considerably better than Cupertino's smartphone when it came to zoom. The Galaxy S22 Ultra offers an up to 10x optical zoom with its two telephoto lenses – the iPhone 13 Pro Max quite simply can't keep up here with its only 3x zoom. Apple's premium device does make up for this with its support for Dolby Atmos, Pro Res, and Cinematic mode. The Samsung device does also offer slightly lesser quality image stabilization.

Impression From Testers – More Or Less Equal For Daily Usage
MacRumors came to the conclusion that, as far as the camera is concerned, the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra are more or less equal when it comes to photo and video quality. Both devices managed quality results comparable to those of high-quality, compact cameras – especially with good lighting conditions. Thus, a decision to buy the device cannot be made from solely the camera alone.

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