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Controversial Photo Scan, No Touch ID & More – Why Android Users Won't Switch To iPhone

Apple can rely on the fact that most of its own customers are very loyal to the brand and only very rarely change colors. Those who have purchased an Apple smartphone are extremely likely to purchase another in the future. Thus, it's Apple's marketing and product development teams' job to ensure that current customers make the switch to newer hardware and to try to entice the Android market's users with offers from Apple. A recent survey of 5,000 Android users in the US documented slightly more loyalty to the Android brand than usual. One of the main reasons comes as a result of concern about recent discussions of local photo library scanning on iPhone. There is a number of people concerned that this could be the first step to other content also being scanned and involve content not intended for upload to iCloud. Amongst surveyed users, however, this concern was not as high as expected – ranking 5th place amongst all concerns.

Why Most Android Users Don't Want To Switch
Only 18.3% of iPhone users indicated that they could see themselves switching to a next-generation iPhone. Last year, that number was 33%. Unfortunately, there's no data concerning the situation a few months ago for comparison. Amongst the main reasons, why most Android users wouldn't consider switching to an iPhone were the following:



  • No fingerprint sensor: 31.9%
  • Too few settings: 16.7%
  • No App sideloading: 12.8%
  • Android smartphones offer better hardware: 12.1%
  • Apple scanning local photos/privacy concerns: 10.4%

Although the iPhone is often the butt of a great many jokes about it being "too expensive", only 4.5% of all survey participants who were not considering changing to iPhone indicated it as their primary reason for sticking with Android this year.

The Reasons For Switching To iPhone
The reasons which current Android users considering a switch to iPhone gave are also quite interesting. There are several decisive aspects that make Apple's smartphones more attractive to some:

  • Long-term software support: 51.4%
  • Integration in Apple-ecosystem: 23.8%
  • More privacy/data protection: 11.4%
  • Larger performance-price ratio: 5.2%
  • Better hardware features: 4.3%

A quick look at the reasoning for both sides reveals that discussions concerning local photo scanning has only been a minor factor in the decision process. As a privacy concern, it's amongst the lowest-ranked reasons for not switching to iPhone – yet oddly enough, "More privacy/data protection" is ranked 3rd as a reason to switch to iPhone amongst Android, at 11.4%. Although 5G capability was a very big factor in such surveys for the iPhone 12, there's no comparably powerful factor in this survey.

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