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Cook: "In 10 years, I may not be at Apple anymore"

Tim Cook has been the CEO at Apple for over 10 years now. He officially took over the post in August 2011, having already unofficially occupied the position for months prior. At the start of 2011, Steve Jobs announced another illness-related absence from office, from which he sadly wouldn't return. Last year, a detailed report was released indicating that Apple has long since been preparing another successor for the position, should Tim Cook become unable to or no longer be willing to carry on his duties at Apple – in which case there should be appropriate candidates ready. According to the report, Apple is intensively searching the second and third rows of the company for candidates, in order to maintain a long-term perspective. However, rapid replacements are out of the question.

Cook Doesn't Want To Be A CEO Forever
In a Podcast Interview with on The New York Times, Cook was asked whether or not he'd like to continue with Apple for another 10 years after his first decade with the company is over. Cook responded by saying that he almost certainly wouldn't remain with Apple for another 10 years. At the moment, everything going great with respects to his position at the company and there is momentarily no plan as to when he might leave the company – despite this, 10 years are quite a while, and he doesn't expect to be at the company for "10 more years." It's still very difficult for Cook to imagine a life without Apple. It's well-known that he occupies most of his time with the company, shirking many social engagements and completely forsaking vacations in order to do so. When the interviewer suggested that Cook maybe take a vacation once it comes time for him to leave Apple, the CEO laughed.



Bloomberg: Apple's Emergency Plan
In the aforementioned Bloomberg report from Bloomberg last year, an emergency plan is laid out for in the event of Cook's immediate disappearance for one reason or the other. In such an event where Cook's immediate replacement was necessary (for example due to health), then Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak or Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams would step up to fill his shoes temporarily. Otherwise, the current management team is simply too old to come into question for a "long-term plan".

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