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Copying & Pasting Text On Photos With iOS 15

One of the most notable new features in iOS/iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey is Live Text – although many Android users might look at the feature with a bit of a smirk, given that it's already a feature of Google Lens. However, as of yet, there's been no such feature or app available for the iPhone – and thus comes Live Text – perfectly integrated into the device's operating system and with many useful everyday features. The feature isn't only available during active use of the camera, but can also analyze captured photos, recognizing and extracting snippets of text from them. However, not all devices that can be updated to iOS/iPadOS 15 or macOS Monterey will be compatible with the new feature.

Live Text In The Camera App On iOS
There are many good reasons to capture text and handwritten notes (think universities, schools) in the immediate environment so that they can be reviewed and edited later. A few everyday examples include: text could be extracted from menus via the camera and then translated while travelling, or opening times of stores posted on the street (and not available online) could quickly be saved into the Notes app. If you have iOS 15 installed, you can take advantage of the feature in the following manner:



  • Open the camera app.
  • Hold the camera pointed towards the text that you'd like to capture as "Live Text" until the viewfinder pops up.
  • As soon as the application identifies the text, a new UI element will appear at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Source: iMore

  • Now, individual passages or the entire text can be marked, or a pop-up menu can be selected in order to search for a snippet of text (or the entire text) online or to translate it. You can also choose to share the extracted text.
  • Phone numbers, email addresses, dates, and much more will be presented as links that can be tapped on, which brings up a practical pop-up menu:
  • Source: iMore

Live Text In The Photos App On iOS 15
In the photos app, the procedure is basically pretty similar, however, instead of pointing the camera at the text (which you obviously can't do with an already captured photo) – you'll need to tap on the button for Live Text within the app or simply mark the content directly:

Source: iMore

Apple Insider also released an interesting YouTube video concerning Live Text, how to use the feature, and its practical applications:

Although iOS and PadOS 15 are compatible with all devices that support the current operating system, Live Text, unfortunately, can't be supported on all devices. Live Text is only compatible with devices equipped with more recent hardware such as the iPhone XR (or newer), the iPad 2020, iPad Air (2019 or newer), and the iPad Pro (2018 or newer). Only Macs with an M1 chip (or newer in the future) will support the feature.

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